Evening bike ride

Driving back from Palm Desert

Donna Summer concert @ Palm Desert


Margarita night

Dinner with Bria

Coors Lite at the gym

Finally relaxing at the spa


Chimney finally finished

All but a final inspection away from having a real wood fire (just at the weather is getting warm).  The guys were here over the weekend to build the new chimney using the old brick so it looks like its been there all along.


Splendid Lunch in Avila Beach

Villa Promenade

Avila Beach Promenade

After waking up and recovering from the wedding in Paso Robles, Nikki and I took off to Avila Beach for some lunch.  It’s 2 years and 2 weeks since I proposed to her on the beach.  Nice to go back and remember that feeling close up.

Lunch in Paso Robles

Before the wedding we had a spot of lunch at Crooked Kilt

Crooked Kilt

U-verse 2wire + Apple Time Capsule + Back2MyMac

Since switching over to AT&T U-verse I’ve been trying to figure out how to get back to my mac working with a time capsule behind the 2wire router.  Now, I’m not a fan of the 2wire box.  Especially with the DNS caching issue and that I found out it’s a b/g not n wireless solution.   This last weekend I got everything to work.  Follow the jump to see the full instructions.

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Will this rain stop?

Construction on Meridian

Making me late for work

First major house project underway

The first major project in the house is underway, repairing our broken chimney. Since moving into the house we have not been able to use the fireplace as there was a crack in the chimney found during the inspection. The issue was blamed on the previous owner having fires that were too hot. After finding a reputable company, Mr Chimney, it turns out that this is most likely damage from the 1989 earthquake.

The repairs consist of demolishing the old chimney down to the shoulder (where it widens just below the roofline) adding reenforcing bars that not only give it strength but also attach it firmly top the house. Then rebuilding the top part, replacing and pointing the bottom and for good measure a new set of sweep doors, stack and vent. Of course, this being California there are inspections to be made by local government, for which they charge over $400. It turns out that San Jose still let’s you rebuild a chimney to have a wood burning fire and some other areas do not.

Hopefully, all this should be finished within the week.